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Creating an avenue for Aspiring Women Leaders in Technology

Girls Go Cloud With AWS

Girls Go Cloud is a platform that is generated from WTechAfrica, also known as Aspiring Women Leaders in Technology Africa Association. WTechAfrica is a non-profit organization established to provide training, development, internship, and mentorship to females interested in thriving and having a successful career in the IT space.
We have worked hard to educate the broader public about the importance of gender equality in technology through training, speaking at conferences, and hosting public discussions. We create an avenue for aspiring female leaders in Technology to learn, meet mentors, and develop themselves.
We  visited the Apostolic Faith Secondary School and Dansol High School with a total of One Thousand (1,000) girls and these girls are currently undergoing trainings from our Mentors and Trainers.

Our Values


To create an increase in the representation of women in leadership positions in Tech business management, both in the public and private sector.


To inspire the African Woman, to but all barriers and impossibilities aside, and explore the possibilities in her imperfections.


To Provide networking opportunities for women in respective areas of Information Technology, and creating a force of successful women leaders to be reckon with..