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WTechAfrica, Is a forum for Aspiring women in Technology.WTechAfrica is a non-profit organization that implements programs to advocate, inspire, raise, retain and empower women for greater representation in leadership positions in the Tech world both in the public and private sectors.
WtechAfrica, on 3rd March 2023, was founded and launched to provide support for Aspiring Women Leaders in Technology, this is an NGO that provides training, mentorship, idea opportunities, and growth process in respective IT Career paths, for women who are interested in Technology.
Since our Inauguration in May 2020, we have trained women who have successfully sat for their professional certification exams in their respective careers and are now doing very well for themselves and their environment. we are not only committed to doing, even more, this year, but we are also calling on you to join us, to reach out to even more women across Africa.


Guided by Purpose, Focused on Impact

  • Awareness: An increase in the representation of women in leadership positions in Tech business management, both in the public and private sector.
  • Raise and Retain: create an avenue to encourage, grow and retain women in several leadership positions. This is achieved through training, mentoring and capacity building programs.
  • Inspire: To inspire the African Woman, to but all barriers and impossibilities aside, and explore the possibilities in her imperfections.
  • Collaborate: Providing networking opportunities for women in respective areas of Information Technology, and creating a force of successful women leaders to be reckon with.
  • Maintain and promote WTechAfrica, as a reputable organization geared towards women development.
  • Train woman to grow, build, retain outstanding personalities that will not only earn them respect, but also cater for their needs in the tech industry.
  • To create a lasting infrastructure for mentorship opportunities for young female IT professionals
    To encourage and convince women, that they can be more.
  • To provide services that creates an end result development to individuals first, and economy at large.
  • Maximize organizational effectiveness, through notable collaborations.
  • To create an end to poverty, by training the women in the way of financial stability. 
  • To inspire more Africa women become decision makers, Managers and position them on the board of management in organizations.
  • To ensure Africa women’s impact in technology is recognized globally.
  • To build women Tech experts in all aspects of information Technology.
  • To create strong ties, Networks, collaboration and support system for all women across Africa.
  • To help mentor aspiring Tech women through our leadership programs, events etc

Our Events

  • Through our events, you can be mapped up with mentors to see you through your career journey.​
  • ​Our Women Leaders will share their insightful stories on their success and career paths with mentees and aspiring women leaders, while we orientate you also on grants and opportunities available in the Tech world.
  • Free trainings on respective IT courses and International Certification Support.
  • Aspiring Women forum for networking and business collaboration